Warehouse management

Let us develop a customised warehouse management system for you. Of course, with our systems at the shipping unit level (pallets, cartons, sales units) you allways have an overview of the physical storage location of the goods. All internal goods movements are fully mapped in real time by our system. State-of-the-art technologies (such as auto-ID systems and smart objects) are sensibly integrated into the process design in order to reduce picking errors and incorrect loading to a minimum. If required, two independent booking systems allow automated and standardised stock reconciliations, thus enabling the highest degree of permanent inventory security.

Most importantly, in addition to implementing market standards, all our systems place particular emphasis on maintaining flexibility for you, coupled with a modular structure and future-proof scalability.

The most important success factor in the use of technology is the seamless integration into an integrated IT system to ensure the holistic control of all relevant processes.

Data warehouse (BIG DATA)

We create a company-wide, standardised and integrated database for you, in which heterogeneous data from different data sources is imported, consistently prepared and made available for decision-making processes.

To support your management information system, we also develop data mining applications with which specific data structures can be identified , partially or fully automatically.

Data Warehouse (BIG DATA)


The successful implementation of a Logistics 4.0 strategy is based on a lean, transparent and decentralised process and on an organisational structure enabled by digitalisation. In a Warehouse 4.0 system, this is achieved in particular by automation, sensor technology and intelligent load carriers (smart objects).

The aim of such a system should be to intelligently combine human capabilities (creativity, problem solving, cognition, tactile skills) with those of machines (productivity, precision, repeatability) by parallelising manual and automated processes.

Enabling technologies

The technologies that are primarily used by us in the implementation of a Logistics 4.0 strategy are:

  • Pick-by-Light

  • (Order Distribution System)

  • Pick-by-Vision (Augmented Reality through data glasses)

  • Pick-by-Scan (use of barcode & RFID technologies)

  • Move-by-Voice (forklift guidance systems)